My name’s George, I’m 24 years old and If I were a fruit I’d be a passionfruit.

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Image courtesy of SOMMAI at

I was sat at home in Manchester, watching the bursts of snow fall outside my window, when I decided now was as good a time as any to trial my blog on my long-term partner George Tilbury, a 24 year old building surveyor from Oxford (and don’t you forget it!).

“My name’s George, I’m 24 years old and If I were a fruit I’d be a passionfruit, because its bland and boring on the outside but you open it up and it’s full of different little seeds and they are tasty – bitter and sweet.

I’m a university student. Sort of. I’m on a placement year so I’m working at the moment in Manchester as a building surveyor. The thing I like most about my job is the office to out of office ratio because I spend about 70% of my time on site. My job is really varied, I’m a project manager and building surveyor but each job is completely different – there are a million and one different tasks I could face any given day.

I’ve lived in Manchester for about four months now but before that I was in Shropshire for 10 years. But I was born in Oxford – I’m Oxford born and bred!

Before I went to sleep last night, seeing as it was Friday I had a glass of wine in bed and the first thing I did this morning was picked up my iPad, left my girlfriend asleep and read the news in the living room.”

Seeing as George is my partner of nearly six years, this part of my questioning had a good dose of cringe added. But honesty is definitely the best policy and personal beliefs are so important, no matter who is putting pressure on you to think otherwise.

“Am I married? No. But I do have a significant other in my life and I’ve been with her for almost six years. In three words she is annoying, beautiful and hard work.

What’s my opinion on marriage? It’s just another milestone and it’s costly. It’s just another tick in the relationship process. I don’t know if it’s for me, I’m too young and I think age matters in these types of decisions because age gives you life experience. Life experience helps you judge a character and whether you want to be with them. After six years with her I’m still not sure I want to marry her.

In short success makes me happy, lack of money makes me sad. My biggest achievement to date is getting my HND – that was the halfway point of my degree – and I’m most proud of my drive for success and my drive to excel myself.

The last thing that truly took my breath away? Last weekend when I went running – I’m trying to get fit.”